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21 Guided Purification Program with Dr. Brooke Higgins

In this New Virtual Course, you will master the art of purification, losing weight and creating a healthy , sustainable lifestyle. 

Using simple, fresh ingredients, and the techniques passed down in herbologist, physicians, and wellness practitioners. A gentle , effective, life changing 21 day program. Making your 2021 healthy living goals a reality. Join Dr. Brooke as she delivers a day by day , step by step blueprint that helps you implement this into any lifestyle. 

Purchase today and begin your 21 day journey with a community of support and Dr. Brooke Higgins guiding you along the way.  Spots are limited purchase yours today!  

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Meet Jessica

Jessica suffered from Chronic Migraines

Hear how she dramatically improved her quality of life in 21 Days. 


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In this online course you will learn

How to transform your daily habits around food and nutrition to bring you energy and vitality.  Purification program is a means to optimize the function of your organs so you feel good, look good and allow your body once again to be utilizing food as fuel rather than causing inflammation and allergies.  Dr. Brooke wants to maximize 21 days of your life in creating long lasting change.  Join the #longevitaliving community in this step by step e-course , with daily videos, transcripts, downloads, and much more. 

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Meet Baron

Type 1 Diabetic , Baron has been diabetic since the age of 4. 

" I was able to cut my medication in half in just 21 days" 

Meet Deborah 

For over 20 years , Deborah has suffered from tremors.

" I'm so deeply grateful and overjoyed to share my story to help others. "