Brooke Higgins, D.O.M, A.P, L.Ac is a Licensed and Board Certified Primary Care Physician specializing as an Acupuncture Physician. She is a professional member of the Acupuncture Association of Florida and Member of the Board of Directors for the Florida State Oriental Medical Association.

Dr. Brooke grew up in a Health and Wellness Industry. Her mother, Nanci Folk, was the creator and owner of award-winning lifestyle spas. The environment was rich with Eastern philosophy and whole body healing approaches to health. Any ailments Brooke would have were cured with a gentle integrative approach, which educated her on the body’s amazing capabilities of healing. Brooke found in passing that Eastern and an integrative approach to medicine in our Western society was foreign to a lot of Americans. With her passion for connecting the mind, body and spirit to medicine, Brooke knew her calling was to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

  Before the age of 20, Brooke attended school for Massage Therapy, Esthetics and Cosmetology and received her undergrad in Neuromuscular and Sports Therapy. She knew these practices to be very synergistic with, and supportive of, the art of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Brooke studied under the preeminent masters of Classical Chinese Medicine, attending both Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Florida College of Integrative Medicine. These unique and rigorous medical programs are highly respected, consisting of thousands of hours of Chinese Medical, Herbology and Biomedical course work, as well as extensive clinical training. Brooke was in the first graduating class to be certified in Neuro-Acupuncture and Tension Point Therapy under the guided teachings of the university’s president, Dr. Han. In 2012, by exceptional performance to contribute and render public and community health, contributing to Pastoral Hospital Foundations and to world good, The Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope honored her as a Medical Diplomat.

  Dr. Brooke practices the practical effectiveness of this ancient art of science and healing. She values every opportunity to help patients, and passionately shares its power to help people find relief from their ailments on the physical levels and beyond. Brooke is thrilled to bring the rich traditions of Classical Chinese Medicine and a relaxing boutique spa environment to East Orlando. Dr. Brooke believes in the true meaning of Wellness, which is the loving acceptance of yourself. Making positive decisions in regards to social, emotional, economic, environmental, physical and spiritual alternatives. It’s not just the absence of disease.