Fertility, IVF, Pregnancy and Pre-Birth Acupuncture for the Mommy-to-Be

Acupuncture is a safe, natural and effective treatment used to support you during your pregnancy and child birth. Preconception care is recommended at least three months before conception or an IVF cycle. This enables you and your partner to be in optimal health for conceiving. In the first trimester, weekly treatments are recommended to help keep you healthy and strong while promoting a nurturing and stable environment for your baby to grow. Week 36 and forward (pre-birth), treatments are recommended to help prepare your body for labor by ripening and softening the cervix, relaxing ligaments, calming your mind, reducing edema and increasing your hormonal response. Acupressure techniques will be taught to help reduce the duration of labor, release natural endorphins and relax the body. Includes herbal and whole food supplement consultation. Consultation/Diagnosis All initial consultations and diagnosis with our physician will be approximately 30 minutes. All acupuncture services priced upon consultation.