NEW Steam Garshana Massage Treatment

Begin with an aromatherapy journey to find your Ayurvedic Dosha. Vata, Pita, or Kapha. Follow with a Garshana Massage using raw silk mittens. This technique stimulates the flow and circulation to all tissues and is greatly beneficial for digestion, stimulating for metabolism, and weight loss. Next the body is purified with an Ayurvedic Mud Application personalized with your choice of aromatherapy during the steam canopy. Reveal smooth, glowing skin with intense hydration as you complete your treatment with an Organic Finishing Butter Application that adds in moisture, locks in hydration and helps close pores. Enjoy your deliciously soft skin. 1 hour $100

NEW Spa Longevita Advanced Weight Loss & Cellulite Body Treatment

This Advanced Purifying Body treatment encompasses the whole body and is designed to boost metabolism and weight loss, take off those stubborn inches, reduce cellulite and body fat. Using Certified Organic Herbs, Oils, and Organic Botanical Body Mud, our physician has developed specific techniques to deliver results. Steam canopy is filled with your choice of aroma. While you are encompassed in this stimulating yet relaxing environment, your senses will be at ease. Your body's lymphatic system will be stimulated to release toxins to give you an overall sense of wellness. For best results, this treatment plan is twice a week for four weeks. For maximum results, pair it perfectly with Spa Longevita’s 21 Day Purification program. 1 Hour $140

NEW Ultimate Weight Loss Package

This Package is designed to deliver maximum results. Consultation with our physician which includes a thorough analyzation of the body, including pulse diagnose. (3) Spa Longevita Advanced Weight Loss & Cellulite Body Treatments including steam therapy. The Customized Purification Program to renew your optimal health and vitality. Total Package Price: $669

Chakra and Body Balancing Treatment (An Ancient Technique)

Allow our highly trained therapist to re-balance your major energy centers by using vibration and sound frequency. The treatment focuses on acupressure points which stimulate the major healing centers of the entire body. $45

Salt Glow Body Treatment

This gentle massage of exotic sea salts increases circulation, removes dead skin cells, brightens skin and promotes growth of healthy new cells. Your therapist will finish your treatment with a light aromatherapy oil application, leaving a breath of new life into tired skin. $80

Back Facial

A treatment dedicated to the beauty and purification of the back. Perfect for athletes, brides, teens, dancers and anyone suffering from acne. 1 hour $85

Restorative Alpha-Beta Peel for the Back

This treatment uses natural alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids to remove skin imperfections and eliminate dead skin cells for a healthy glow. Especially effective for acne or cystic areas. 1 hour $100

Customized Organic Seaweed Body Wrap

Sea Treasures, the power of aromatherapy, is combined with the riches of the ocean as you relax in a customized cocoon of essential oils and seaweed. The ingredients will detoxify, decongest and stimulate your whole body. $130

Pregnancy Body Treatment

This treatment begins with a warm application of botanical oil and a gentle brushing to exfoliate your skin oh so gently followed by the most moisturizing massage to hydrate and elasticize your skin. Included in this treatment is a focus on lower leg and foot massage. $100

*All Times are Approximate.